ABOUT US - Our Profile

Mutiara (FE) Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2004 with its main principle activities of:-

a.   General Building Construction (Structural and Architectural)
b.   Repair & Redecoration, Addition & Alteration,
c.   Interior Decoration,
d.   Furniture & Fitments,
e.   Design & Build

Since its beginning in 2004, Mutiara (FE) Pte Ltd has throughout the years evolved into a safety and environmental conscious, innovative technology based professional contractor. He possess practical and cost effective approach on buildability, constructability and sustainability of a project from conceptual designs, execution of works, up till the successful completion and occupation of the buildings, including setting out of new building, new offices and workshops, steel structures, arresting of building defects, maintenance etc.

With the qualified professional of our inhouse design team, the client is now save from worry on any local authorities compliances and requirements while they are now able to readily view, change, edit and tailor their products via 3-Dimensional Modeling that best suit to their needs, and the aspect of methodology of construction, safety, health, environmental and quality matters are being well consider and planned in ahead prior to any construction activities to be physically conducted on site.

With the resourceful, in depth practical detail technical and building material characteristic knowledge from the design team, the client could easily review the various choices and costing involved for their optional final products with instant informed decision to upkeep and control their budgetary prior and throughout the construction processes.

The ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA 18000, GGBS and bizSafe Level Star certification are indeed a recognition to our committed project management team in assuring a successful project to be deliver based on their in depth consideration on the buildability, constructability and sustainability during design stage as well as conforming to the aspect of safety, health, environmental, quality, time and cost during the execution of the project.

The management of Mutiara (FE) Pte Ltd does treasure their clients, respective supporting reliable teams and places in the utmost great importance on leaning to all comments and feedback received from for its continuous improvement.

The company is committed to improvise from time to time on the respective aspects, from human resources development, safety awareness, environmental conscious, upgrading of technical and skill know-how, innovating of new technology, advancement of construction methodology, quality of finished products assurance, and back up services as to achieve the objective of total client satisfaction.